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"Last year was my first of what I hope to be many visits to Thunderhead. I had never been to this wonderfully undiscovered area of Montana, despite the fact that I grew up not much more than two hours away. The beauty and serenity of the Thunderhead locale is an idyllic backdrop for pursuing whatever interests your heart desires. In my case, I enjoyed the company of newly-introduced neighbors and friends around a campfire and the sounds of guitar and saxophone. We were lucky enough to catch fish in a nearby stream and partake in a campfire fish-fry. I can't overstate how much I appreciated Chris' hospitality and his enthusiasm for the vision of what Thunderhead will become. I love that I was able to contribute, in a very small way, to making the vision become a reality. I look forward to this year's visit(s) and am excited to see the Thunderhead Refuge continues its growth!"

Addie Whitney Hamilton, MT

(Addie Whitney is a microbiologist and avid music lover)

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