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Annual Campfest

(2018 Campfest will be end of July or early August details to come)

Every summer we host a two week camp-out which is half recreational and half work related and all fun! Everyone is welcome at no charge and it is a great way for newcomers to be introduced to Thunderhead and it's surroundings and the general philosophies guiding the retreat.

This summer's campfest will mark our 9th consecutive campfest and once again we will be taking a field trip for 3 or 4 days in the middle to a nearby exotic location to explore more of Montana's incredible scenic treasures. Past field trips have included trips to Glacier National Park and Yellowstone Nartional Park and day trips to the Lewis and Clark Caverns (some of the most extensive caverns in the US) and to the Sage Mountain Retreat Center. (the only other cordwood structures in the state of montana that we know of)

While at Thunderhead we will do some building, clearing, prepping logs (cutting, peeling, and splitting) for cordwood masonry and traditional log structures, and other ranch type work. This can range from 2-6 hours in a day. Recreational activities include (but is not limited to) horse shoes, whiffle ball, volleyball, frisbee, fishing, hiking, swimming, possible yoga class (last summer we had an incredible yoga teacher from Nepal give a class!) cooking some great communal meals, and late night campfire jams. There will also be a siesta time in the afternoon for naps or personal quiet time.

Attendees should be prepared to camp but may not neccessarily need to bring all of their own gear. The retreat has about 4 or 5 extra tents and several extra sleeping bags and lots of extra blankets and pillows. Water, composting toilets and hot showers are provided, We will pool some money for food.

If you are interested in coming please let us know by sending us a message on the Contact Us page or calling Chris at 646-784-5017

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