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The aim of the Artists' Refuge at Thunderhead is to be the home of a rustic (and mystic) year-round cooperative retreat primarily geared to meet the needs of budding and professional artists of all types. Members will have the opportunity to create a home away from home to connect with a nurturing artist community made up of creative individuals from all over the world.  Recreation, relaxation, rehabilitation, refocusing and collaboration as well as learning and applying alternative energy and building techniques, and reconnecting with nature are also a large part of it’s aim. It will host workshops, performances and other arts events and eventually play host to a lively and incredibly diverse summer arts festival 2-3 weeks in length.

In short, we aim to connect like-minded, adventurous, creative individuals from all over the world in an absolutely breathtaking setting and build a small but unique village in the process.  

Looking down on a portion of the retreat grounds

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