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"I was amazed by the beauty of the land at the Refuge. Hiking, huckleberry-picking and cliff-climbing during the day and roasting s'mores and singing next to the campfire at night. I felt like I was finally able to breathe after being in the city all year. The hand-built cabin of wood and old glass bottles was as beautiful as it was cozy and restful. It was an incredible change of venue for making music. You could play for the sake of playing withough worrying who was listening. Except the deer. But they didn't seem to mind. This land is the perfect setting for this budding camp. I look forward to returning next year with an even larger group of friends."

Marilyn Cole New York, NY

(Marilyn is an oboist and a pianist who graduated from the U. of Montana and the Eastman School of Music and was born and raised in Billings, Montana)

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