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"Thunderhead is about letting nature inspire a space for rest, creativity and fun. I know it to be accurate. When we arrived, Chris was resting…, but after that short, sacred period, we played a game of Trivial Pursuit, which was fun. The creativity was apparent in the way dinner was cobbled together into a delicious outdoor feast.

Chris set me up in the magical cordwood cabin with a newly tuned piano. That was so cool! The music around the campfire was relaxing and the stars so bright. It was hard to choose between a lovely long night of comfortable sleep or sitting up and eating freshly picked huckleberry pie and being mesmerized by quiet dobro and guitar sounds and the light of the fire.

The amazing part is how silent it can be….even the deer who come exploring through are so hushed you are surprised to look up and see them there. The sense of participating somehow in the same sort of building that our ancestors did gives me a feeling of connection and deeper perspective. But mostly, the visit reminded me how to breathe. Deeply and quietly. And the return then to the demands of career and city life feels somehow different, with more space, healthy energy and peace."

Betsy DiFelice New York, New York

Betsy DeFelice is a pianist from NYC who has worked with Founder/Director Chris Komer in places like the NJSO and Princeton University.

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