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"Hi, I am an amatuer singer/guitarist from the UK. I went to Campfest last year ... (summer 2010). I didn't know what to expect, although the experience surpassed anything I could have imagined. The land is just unbelievable, tranquil, no human noise, just you and the earth!! It was incredible to be alone with the stars, the coyotes the deer and of course fellow creative types. Nights were spent bonding round the fire, playing music or talking. It was the coolest thing I've ever done and hell I've been to alot of places!"

"If you are a creative or nature loving type, or if you are HUMAN, you will gain something important and special from the experience of being part of a creative community. I especially gained alot of musical confidence in playing in such an intimate and open place. Don't miss it.. I'm so gutted I cant come this year but I know I'll be back again at some point... god I've just remembered how heart broken I was to leave, I even wrote a song about it!!! haha, anyway as I said seriously this is gonna be big so get in while it's still intimate!!!" [:)] xxxxxx

Kat Towers London, UK

(Kat is a gifted singer/songwriter, a great guitar player and a world traveler)

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