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Thunderhead Dollars (T-Bucks)

The summer of 2012 saw the introduction of Thunderhead dollars. Now members (and Friends of Thunderhead as well as guests) can earn T-bucks for the time they spend working at Thunderhead. T-bucks can be used to rent a night in the cordwood cabin and other structures once they are built, buy drinks and food (including eggmcthunderhead sandwiches) in the cafe (as soon as it is built) and pay annual membership dues. Also they can be saved and used to buy actual shares in the L.L.C. (Limited Liability Corporation) This can be done once a member has saved a minimum of $2,000 thunderhead dollars.

The rate will be $8 an hour for non-skilled labor. Higher for specialized work such as plumbing and electrical. This will most likely be negotiated seperately for each job.

You do not need to be a member of Thunderhead to earn T-bucks but it is reccommended as the sign-up fee and nominal dues can be paid in T-bucks.

The method of keeping track of ones T-bucks will initially be very low tech. Each person earning T-bucks will carry a card which the Retreat Director (Chris Komer) or whomever happens to be in charge if Chris is not present will write down and initial each transaction keeping track of the cumulitive total. This will be a work in progress and may have some kinks initially. Input on this plan will be greatly appreciated.

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